CRA proposed Changes

Message from the President:
We would like to provide an update on recent discussions related to the news article regarding CRA taxation rule changes. Dave and myself are the MACAP representatives on the national CCRVC board. As such we have been involved in discussions with CCRVC regarding the proposed changes. We were notified of this issue approximately a week and a half ago. Since that time we have been working to shed more light on the issue and find out more information. The CCRVC has been working with industry members as well as lobbying the government to request a reevaluation of this policy. The April National meeting included a lobby day in which representatives from all provinces met with MPs to discuss a variety of topics currently affecting our campground industry. There are more meetings scheduled in the upcoming weeks and months. MACAP receives national representation through CCRVC. That makes a total of 2300 member parks across Canada all working together to deal with our concerns as group.

           May 24-29, 2016

Congratulations to Dave & Fay Paskewitz! The Manitoba Association of Campgrounds and Parks (MACAP) are all very appreciative and proud of your contributions to the tourism industry, especially all your hard work and dedication to Meadowlark Campground & MACAP.  Happy Retirement to the 2 of you and good luck to the new owners/operators.

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Campgrounds can contact MACAP at  Campgrounds must be a MACAP Member to advertise in this publication.

Non-Campround Organizations can contact:
Gord Boultbee
General Sales Manager
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Ph: 204-728-3037
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Toll Free: 1-888-756-4433 
Non-Campground Organizations do not need to be a MACAP Member to advertise in the Publication, however it is an available option.

Fraudulent Website Mimics Canadian Campgrounds

Winnipeg, MB, April 12, 2012 - Manitoba’s Association of Campgrounds and Parks (MACAP) would like to warn Manitobans about, a website masquerading as an online reservation system for Canadian campgrounds.

Yesterday we found out that there is a website that is posing as an on-line reservation system for Canadian campgrounds,” Alexandra Anderson, Executive Director of Camping in Ontario wrote in an email to MACAP earlier this week. “A number of my campgrounds are listed. They have done a very good job, it goes so far that you can pick your site and pay by credit card.”

“When last we checked, Manitoba does not seem to have any campgrounds listed, but several in British Columbia and Ontario have active links to phishing sites,” said Dennis Crocket, President of MACAP.

“Safe sites to link off of are for Manitoba campgrounds, for Ontario and nationally at”

MACAP is an association of private family owned parks and campgrounds in Manitoba. Their primary objective is to establish higher standards in family operated campgrounds throughout the province to provide guests with an enjoyable camping experience.


MACAP member campgrounds are conveniently located around the province with over 4000 campsites ranging from tenting areas and non-serviced sites to fully serviced sites with internet connections. 

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MACAP believes Making Happy Manitoba Memories
for our customers is the most important service we offer.


National magazine names Lilac among top campgrounds

Marianne Curtis | June 1, 2009 at 11:12 pm | Categories: Business | URL:

By Marianne Curtis

   Last year, a local recreation resort celebrated their fifth anniversary, and this summer they have been recognized on a national level after being named as one of the top twenty-five family vacation spots across the country.

   In the May issue of Today’s Parent Magazine Lilac Resort and Campground, from Ste. Anne was listed among the top twenty-five family oriented campgrounds in Canada.

   Lilac Resort owner Dan Manaigre says that he was unaware that his facility was even reviewed until congratulatory notes starting coming in from customers.

   “It is a nice honor to have – especially since the majority of readers are mothers with children and we try hard to focus on families,” stated Manaigre. “Mothers are the major planners of vacations so this means that we are on the right track.”

   Manaigre added that it also lets him know that all the hard work of his family and staff has been paying off.

   “We are going to continue to do our best to offer the best that we can – now that we’ve made the list, we plan on staying there,” stated Manaigre.

   Each year the nationally distributed magazine takes a look at the best places for families traveling across Canada to visit. It was recognized as being ideal for families because of the vast array of family oriented activities including a water park, hot tubs, playground, outdoor theater and movie nights, paddle boats, catch-and-release trout fishing and live weekend entertainment. 

   This is the first time that Lilac Resort and Campground has received national attention as far as Manaigre is aware.

   Lilac Resort began fifty years ago as a humble motel and has evolved to become the premier water park in the province.

   Owned by Dan Manaigre, the family owned and operated business has changed significantly, but one thing has remained the same. Visitors are treated like family and they keep coming back year after year. In some cases going back three generations.


Debonair Campground Celebrates 25 years

Today’s camping scene is much different than it was 25 years ago. People’s expectations have increased and so has the size of the RV’s.  Today’s campers have the desire to be with nature but not without modern amenities.

Debonair Campground has responded to this camping evolution and are now celebrating their success with a line of fun events through the season.

Rubber Ducky Resort & Campground to win the Interlake's Partnership Award for 2009!

Date: September / 25 / 2009
For the last 4 years this Interlake business has been building and securing partnerships with a great number of businesses and groups within the Interlake area. Striving to offer a wide variety of services and to gain partners in an ever widening circle, has allowed Rubber Ducky Resort & Campground to win the Interlake's Partnership Award for 2009!


Lilac Celebrates 50 Years
Complete: The Lilac Resort near Ste. Anne will celeberate its 50th anniversary this weekend. Owner Dan Manaigre says it takes a lot of energy to sustain a business for half a century. He attributes their success to their ability to persevere through lean times. Manaigre says they've come a long way from having people in tents and a few cabins around a dugout to the more than 200 seasonal sites and many modern amenities today. Meantime, he expects they'll benefit from high fuel prices since the trend is toward more vacations closer to home.


MACAP Campground Members agree to maintain a high standard of excellence in the accommodation industry and subscribe to the following code of ethics:
1. To maintain a high degree of cleanliness, service and hospitality at all times.
2. To operate their business in a professional and courteous manner and to handle complaints promptly and fairly.
3. To adhere to their policy on cancellations and deposit refunds as published.
4. To exercise truth in all advertising.

Campground Operator Information Below

Macap Meetings:
Email for date, time and location of the next meeting.
Meetings are "in"...
- informal
- interesting
- informative
We always look forward to your attendance and input. Join us! We have a lot to share with you.
We do not have regular meetings May - September. We are all much too busy taking care of business.

Online Reservation System:

It is estimated that more than half of all travel bookings are done online. If your campground doesn't have an Online Secure Reservation System, consumers looking for your service may pass you by. 

Due to very real security concerns, consumers will not simply email you their credit card number. They expect a secure transaction system where they can check availability, reserve and confirm their travel plans. The easiest way for operators to start accepting bookings online is to use an Internet-based property management system such as MACAP's. This system automates and simplifies the booking process for both consumer and operator. With very easily understood interfaces, staff can be quickly trained to use this system as reservations come in. 

There are also operational benefits of online reservations:

·  You attract new customers who would traditionally not find you. 
·  Take reservations 24/7/365 even when you are closed.
·  Save staff and phone costs by automating your reservations online.
·  Speed up check-ins and check-outs.
·  Eliminate booking mistakes -- no more lost or duplicate reservations.
·  Utilize your spaces more effectively with features like waiting lists and mailing lists.
·  Instantly know the availability of each space allowing you to book reservations quickly and confidently.
·  Eliminate hand-filed forms, reducing form costs and minimizing the wait time at your check-in counter.
·  Avoid missing charges for extras like additional people or vehicles.
·  Solve accountability issues with secure log-ins and operator/date/time tracking of all transactions.  

MACAP's Reservation System is designed to be as individual as our parks are.

The system allows you to customize your park and is user friendly.  Only the information that pertains to your park will appear on the site.  All other information will not appear.  This system keeps inventory on your site and will have YOUR Cancellation Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.  Customers are even able to cancel reservations On-Line.  There will be one picture of your park with a short description on the Home Page. 

Some of MACAP's Reservation System Features:

  • The following info can be asked by the customer:

    •  Check-in Date

    •  Check-out Date

    •  Services Required (if any)

    •  Minimum Power (if applicable)

    •  Pets?

    •  Do you require a slide-out site?

    •  Length of RV

    •  # of vehicles parking is required for

    •  # of people over 18

    •  # of people under 18

    •  # of infants (the age limit of infants is set by you and you can select no charge to infants if you wish)  

  •  4 available Reports of your campground's data:

    •  Mailing List: List of your customers who have accepted to receive promotional materials.

    •  Sales by Dollar Amount: Show sales figures for orders & cancellations for selected period, by site type. 

    •  Sales by Reservation Type: Show sales figures for orders & cancellations for selected period, by reservation type.

    •  Inventory by Date: Display inventory figures by site type for each day in the selected period.

  •  Should you want to offer Discounts they would automatically be calculated in the system.  Discounts can be for:

    •  Groups

    •  Longer Stays

    •  Slow Season

    •  Packages

    •  etc

  •  The system can also be used for Rental Trailers, Cabin/Motel Reservations, etc.

  •  Customer Search options.

    •  The customer is allowed to select up to 3 search preferences (see the below criteria). If there are matches to the customer's selection, a list of the matching sites will come up with a description and image if there is one, for each.  A description of each site is set-up by you, the administrator. The customer then chooses the site he/she would like, enters all his personal information and submits his request.

  •  Additional Fees automatically calculated.

    •  You will be asked to enter your tax rate, whether you have a reservation charge or not and if so how much, what the max # of people you allow per registration, whether you charge extra for additional people and/or vehicles.  All these factors will be calculated into the final rate. 

  •  Block/Unblock Dates for specific sites and/or rentals

  •  Customized (by you) Emails can automatically be sent for Pending Reservations, Confirmations and Cancellations.

    •  The customer submits his/her request, the campground instantly gets an email.  The campground then confirms the reservation or not.  You, the Park, will process their credit card. This is not done through the system.  The system is Secure so customers do not have to worry about giving their personal & credit card information on-line.

  •  Your site map, area map and a picture of individual sites can also be posted on your reservation site.

For more information on MACAP's Securevault Online Reservation System, email

Non-member Campground Operators:
Interested in getting onboard?  Email to request a MACAP Membership Appication.


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