Campground Information Form

Campground Informaton Form
This is the contact information that will be printed in the MACAP Guide and other MACAP marketing venues available to the general public. This information is also shared with Travel Manitoba or associated industry partners interested in our Membership. Contact information constantly changes, so don’t assume we already know. This is important - please take the time to clearly and accurately complete this form. Thank you.

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In-House Contact Information

The MACAP Executive need to be able to contact your Campground year round - the following contact information is especially significant if you have a Manager looking after your Campground or if you live elsewhere during the off-season. This is important - so please take the time to clearly and accurately complete this information. Thank you.

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Verification of Eligibility to Participate in Advertizing Venues

To be eligible for promotion by MACAP and Travel Manitoba, Campgrounds must meet ALL of these criteria.
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To be eligible to be promoted to tour operators, wholesalers or travel agents by MACAP or Travel Manitoba, Campgrounds must meet both of the following criteria in addition to the ones above.
(If you are not interested in promotion to tour operators, wholesalers or travel agents you can ignore these last two criteria.)


If Membership Invoice and payment, reservation System Invoice and payment (if applicable) and Campground Information Form are not received hand delivered or mailed postdated by September 30 your campground will not be listed in the MACAP Guide, nor will your CAMPGROUND PARTICULARS BE FORWARDED TO INDUSTRY PARTNERS WHO REQUEST FOR INFORMATION AND Membership Lists.

Comments or Suggestions

Do you have any comments or suggestions as to information that could be changed or added to the MACAP Guide to improve overall benefit to campers?

Advertising Referrals

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